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Meth the Monster





Meth the Monster
Meth the Monster

Meth is my past, my present & my future

I am sitting here at 3am high, but not even feeling the high because I’ve used so much over the past couple of days.  When I first got high 5 days ago, (after not using for a week) I got that awesome rush as I pushed the plunger into my arm, but nothing in the days since.  I’ve shot up probably 15 times in the past 4 days since that initial high and not once have I felt that rush again. Which is so depressing because it’s gotten to the point in my life where the only thing that makes me happy is using and the thought of that rush.  And believe me when I say,  this is NO way to live.  Nothing gets me even the least bit excited anymore…not my job, not my friends, not my family,  not my boyfriend. 
ONLY meth.

Jessica Wallace, 25, Mason City, accused of having Methamphetamine and marijuana in her residence

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