Hi! Today is day 4 of this high.  As tired and worn out as my body feels right now, I can’t ever imagine living without this feeling. 

I met an amazingly hot guy at work a couple of years ago (December of 2010) and we went out last night. We fucked for 4 hours straight!  It was pretty amazing!  We would have fucked a lot longer but he wanted to be in bed by midnight for work the next morning.  Then he texted me before 6am that he had an amazing time and couldn’t wait to do it again!! 
We have the perfect arrangement! We both love to fuck and don’t want any commitment or drama.  He is 23 and getting deployed a second time to Afghanistan in July of 2013 (He is in the Army reserves and has NO idea I use. He would never be associated with me if he knew..I’ll cover that whole topic another post).  I am 39 and have had my children, been married, and just want some clean, no hassles fun!
And sex is absolutely amazing when I’m high.  I can go over and over again …the longest I’ve continuously fucked a guy is 36 hours.  And the only reason we stopped was because I was too sore to have anything else inside me.  The same goes for masterbating.  I can lay in my bed for 8+ hours and continually get myself off, sometimes 4-5 times per hour.  When I’m not high, I don’t have any desire for anything to do with sex anymore.

New Meth-induced issues:
A)  I have a huge blister on the top of my right big toe. It feels squishy, like I could pop it but I tried and it won’t.  I had a couple of these same types of blisters on other toes earlier in the week and now they are all just drying up and the skin is peeling off. They hurt so bad before they ‘pop’.  I could barely walk at work today.  My big toe kept rubbing on my shoe whenever I did.
B)  My throat is swollen and is sore to the touch.  It hurts to and is difficult to swallow at times.
C)  Not a new issue, but one that I hate more each time it happens — meth sores all over my face and neck.  I can’t help but sit here all night and just pick at or rub them over and over again. Typically by this time in my cycle of use I’m looking like a boy going through puberty.  Grrrrr

Other than that, my plan was to come home from work tonight,  take a couple of sleeping pills and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in. Well, I got home from work, took my sleeping pills, shot up (just a tiny bit), and here it is….almost 3am and I’m still wide awake!  Two more hours until shower and get ready time.  Then off to another day of work at 7:30am.

Have a great day!! 
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work this high-hoe goes!  Lmfao

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