Technically it’s almost 1am because it’s daylight savings this morning. But what’s an hour when you’re on tweaker -time??

I am so freaking high right now. And I can’t believe I’m banging the shit after just getting out of the hospital. Wtf?! My veins are shot. My teeth are fucked. My hair is thinning and falling out. No healthy shine anymore. I may as well give up on trying to find someone to grow old with. Why bother with a 30-something year old when, for a gram of meth, you can have your pick of any 15-23 year girl that lives in a trailer court here? No, I am not judging….just jealous!!

So what the fuck is there to do tonight?  A whole lot of nothing, that’s fucking what.  Tweakers are kind of fickle people too.  They’ll text and call when they want company, but I’ll be damned if they’ll return the favor if they ain’t hit (high)…especially if you have shit and aren’t sharing!! Tweakers are the biggest fucking moochers.  I’ve sat at a house for over 30 hours just waiting for a guy to throw me a free shard…even a tiny pebble. Talk about insanity!!

Plus we sleep so much and get so damned ornery when coming down that no one wants to be around us. Which is fine ..I prefer everyone leave me the fuck alone when I’m coming down. I get paranoid, bitchy, and hungry as a mo’ fo’.
My motto is, ‘If you ain’t feeding me, fucking me, or financing me,  stay the fuck outta my way!!’

Back to work in 29 hours.  Mondays truly suck!!  Having a baggie of shit to help me through the week is a given, no more like a necessity, anymore.

Ok, well I’ve been up since Thursday morning now and am feeling a bit punchy. Gonna give this Blog a rest and just mull some shit over the rest of tonight/this morning.  Happy fucking Sunday ya’all!!

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