Good morning!! Seems like the only time I have to write these posts is in the middle of the night with working all day, running errands in the evenings, and helping the kids with their homework.  And people wonder why a ‘biotch’ needs a little pick me up once in awhile. Lol

So, I actually did research the ‘ vein’ issue and found that the inner elbow has 4 good veins to hit.
Other places mentioned :
**the vein running down your forearm –note of caution,  this vein tends to roll, but supposedly works great once you figure out how to stop it from rolling.
**the hand–says it can be painful and bruises easier.
**in between the toes (personally I have heard differing viewpoints on this and have never tried it).
Note of caution : one blogger stated that it’s hard to hit the veins in your feet and, if you try and it swells up, you should seek immediate medical attention as your feet are more prone to infection. 
Just passing along some info. If I try anywhere new, I’ll be sure to let you know how it felt, the result,  and any complications.

On another note, the election is over.  Whether you’re happy or sad about the outcome, our country needs all the prayer it can get. That is all.

I’m not sure I’m happy with the latest batch of shit (meth) that I purchased.  Unfortunately I buy a week or two’s supply at a time so, good or bad, it’s there until it’s used up. I would never throw any out!!  🙂
I just feel like whenever I use from this batch,  my mind isn’t clear.  Now, I understand that meth fucks with your head, but I’ve never had it like this.  It feels like my brain is detached from my mouth so whenever I talk all that comes out is stupid. Grrrrr
And I feel paranoid to an extreme!  I know paranoia goes along with meth use and I usually have a mild case of it,  but this time I feel like people are CONSTANTLY whispering about me; at work, in the store,  at my house. It’s not cool to sit at work for 8+ hours a day constantly looking over your shoulder to see if co-workers are really there whispering about you or not. I’ll see if this happens during the next batch I get. If so, it may be time to….nope, not gonna say it!

As you have seen,  I post a lot of random thoughts.  Sometimes when I say I will continue with a subject or follow-up on something, I never do. I apologize for that; it’s never intentional…that’s just how a meth user’s mind works.

I put away money for Christmas last paycheck.  Tonight I was doing a mental budget in my head and caught myself considering dipping into that money so I’d have enough dope to last the next couple of months.  Had to slap my hand and remind myself that I would never take away from my children.  Yes, I know the critics out there will say, ‘But you already take away from them by using ..they’re losing part of their mother as well as money you may have potentially saved for their future.’
To the nay-sayers I say, ‘FUCK YOU!!!’
Until you’ve walked in my shoes don’t judge me…in fact, the only one who can judge is the Lord God Himself and I will have to answer to Him when that day comes …not you.’

Well, I am off to see what other sorts of trouble I can get into the next couple of hours before I have to get ready for work.  Have a super – no election commercials – day!!

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