Wow! I made it a freaking week without anything!! Amazing and stupid! I spent the better part of tonight in search of. Came home 8 hours later high as fuck plus I got 1 gram of meth and a 1/4 of annie (anhydrous) to boot! The annie was free. All I had to do was give the guy a box. (A box of Sudafed pills which is $5.00 or so). Even though I hate waiting and seaching…especially 8 freaking hours!! …it’s all good now. 🙂

I love, love, LOVE to bang (shoot up) some ice (meth) with just a little bit of annie (anhydrous) on top. There is nothing that gets me off more than when I taste that ether hit the back of my throat. How sick is that? 3-4 years ago I would have told you….not me, NEVER! Yet here I am.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you of how addicting meth truly is. If even one person is deterred by what I write, that will make the hell I’ve gone though somehow worth it.

I just pray that my children are never tempted. I would die before I would ever let them take even one hit! It would kill me to watch them go through anything with the monster.

I lied to a great friend tonight and I hate that I did. I am not a liar or a thief. If I need to resort to either of those methods, then I don’t need the shit. I didn’t lie to her to get the shit though. I just told her that I’m not using it. In my book, however, a lie is a lie is a lie. So i am feeling pretty shitty. I know many of you are sitting there thinking, ‘ an honest addict??? Ya, right!!’ But I am….to a fault! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been ripped off because I trusted people and still do.
Oh well, I also truly believe that karma is a mother fucker and they’ll get theirs. It’s not up to me to judge people or to get retribution. We will ALL face God one day and we will ALL have to answer for our sins. Me included!! And let me say, I dread that day.

That’s about all I know tonight. I am just so thrilled to know that I won’t have to face this coming week at work alone–
(i.e. clean).

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