Still laying here.  Bored out of my mind.  I hate not living with tweaker friends anymore.  We used to have so much fun!!  We’d go to Walmart at 3am and look at the same racks of clearance clothing for 2 hours solid.  Tweaker or ‘tea-time’ was the shit!!  Not to mention how many other ‘old friends’ (i.e. tweakers) you could find in that Walmart on any given day between 1 and 4am.  If you needed a hookup all you had to do was hangout there until someone else came in and ask them if they ‘knew anything’.  I really miss my old friends.  99% of them have gotten clean and/or gone to prison.  There are only a handful left that I know anymore and they are so dull. 
I remember one summer, a girlfriend and I walked into Walmart when it was 90 degrees outside, yet we were freezing.  We were wearing sweatshirts and pants and were paranoid as fuck!!  It was so much fun!! 
And oh how I would love to hangout with one particular friend.  Whenever we are both high, you can’t shut us up.   We’d butt into each other’s sentences just so the other one could talk.   It’s just not the same anymore.  People are out selling that bath salt bullshit and ripping off everyone they can. Even three years ago, people weren’t that bad.  They at least looked out for each other and you always knew you’d have a house to ‘squat’ (hang) at.  Not now.  If you’re not throwing someone free dope, they’ll kick you to the curb in a second. 
I’ve always looked out for my friends …tweaker or otherwise…and I always will.
I think it says a lot about a person no matter if you’re a user or not. It’s just common R.E.S.P.E.C.T., which very few people seem to get/give anymore.

Ok, I’m done on my soapbox. 🙂
Have a good one!!

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