I had a ‘date’ tonight.  I’m not even sure people call them dates anymore.  It was a hook-up with a boy I met on facebook.   I asked him how we became friends and he said he had seen me comment on a friend of his’ page and thought I was hot so he friended me!  Really?!

Oh well.  He wasn’t very good and worst of all, had a small, thin, worm-like dick.  Major fucking disappointment all the way around.   And he kept kissing me.  I cannot stand kissing a boy if I know it’s just a booty call.  Too damned personal.

Then, not even 5 minutes after we left each other, he texted me to ask when we could do it again.   Guys are either fucking stupid or so damned egotistical that they can’t even realize when they suck in the sack?!!  That’s one more boy in this crazy world that I can happily write out of my life.

I was so pissed that I couldn’t get off, I eventually pulled a loaded rig (syringe) out of my purse and shot up in front of him so I could get myself off.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, I know.  Anymore I’m not even sure I care whether or not I get caught.  I sure as fuck don’t care what people think of me. 

So guess what I’m doing 3 other nights this week?   Meeting with 3 new guys (yes, ones that I met through facebook) for ‘dates’.  Let’s just say, I am not holding my breath.   All I can hope for at this point in my week is that one of these guys will have a big enough dick to get me off and know how to use it!  Grrrrrrr

Have a great fucking cyber-Monday!!

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