Hi!!  I apologize for not keeping up on my posting.   I have made the decision to get clean.  I took five days off of work last week and barely moved from my bed that entire time.  I felt despair like never before,  misery, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, scared, angry…and the list continues.

Today, however, I feel hopeful 🙂
Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve ever even considered the possibility of hope to creep into my life.  And I like it!  🙂

I have started to take steps toward continuing to maintain my sobriety /clean. 
I have recruited a co-worker to work out with me before and/or after work, I have started downloading healthy food recipes, I made a doctor AND a dentist appointment…two things I’ve put off forever — 3 years and 8 months to be more precise — unless it was an emergency, I made a budget –and it’s one that doesn’t include the $200.++ a week for meth, and I made a short and long term goals list. I am so freaking excited.  And I found an awesome older lady at an NA meeting that I think will make an incredible sponsor!!

I need to go to sleep now ….Lolololol
Guess normal people have to sleep, damn it :p. Next post I’m going to list all the cons to using ….just so I can refer to it whenever I’m having a bad day.
Good night all!!!  God and life are good!!

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