Denice Laws

meth-addictionWhen you have a family like mine, life is more than just a little difficult. Growing up with multiple addicts is like having been born without limbs emotionally.  While your ‘normal’ friends with their ‘normal’ families are navigating the calm waters of minor irritations and hitting life milestones with ease, they are never without complete and utter shock at the complete disarray you’re family life has indelibly stained the way you think, act and interact with, well, pretty much every aspect of daily life.  

If you understand and indeed have this emotional quadriplegia , you might believe the constant violent swings between agony and defeat, colored in the palette of  deep mistrust will kill you. I’m here to assure you, it will not. Not if you don’t let it.

I moved in with my estranged mother at the tender age of fourteen, and became a witness to the destructive…

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