I am Canadaius Bakkinuss. I write thee following so that future meth addicts such as thyself can avoid the tribulations you will most certainly face with meth.

1) Thou Shall Know When to Put thy Pipe Down-
Hitting the pipe is a very addictive activity, and is it’s own addiction within itself. A lot of users have a bad habit of smoking more then they need to in one session. In reality there is a certain point where you won’t get much higher, and that point is reached fairly soon. After a few hits, try doing an activity to take your mind off of the pipe, and you will likely forget about it for a bit.

2) Thou Shall Embrace thy Comedown, not Oppose it-Comedowns are not so bad if you time them correctly. No one likes coming down when they come down an hour before work. That was a result of your poor timing. If you time it out to where you have some time home, then a comedown is a walk in the park if you approach it correctly. Once it’s gone it’s gone, come to terms with it. Don’t look for crumbs stuff like that, it just drags it out longer and makes it more painful. Marijuana is great to have around to ease the comedown in my opinion. Have some coffee, watch a movie, just relax… Things will always look better in thee morning, my child.

3) Thou Shall be True to One’s Self at All Times-
It’s much, much easier to live life, and go through meth addictions or comedowns if you simply do not lie to yourself. Be completely open with yourself always. If you’re becoming addicted, don’t tell yourself you aren’t, and don’t make things out better then they are. The sooner you accept something, the sooner you can feel better about it. Understand what you are getting yourself into. Don’t say you have 4 bowls left when you have 2, that your meth is super strong when it’s super weak. Avoid creating conflict in yourself.

4) Thou Shan’t Let thy Affliction Become a Burden to thy Neighbours-
I believe that choosing this lifestyle I got into should not negatively effect the ones around me. It was my decisions that got me here, and no one else should have to suffer in any way because I’m a meth addict. If and when it does impose on other peoples lives, I know I am taking it too far.

5) Thou Shall Treat Crackheads and Heroin Junkies With Equality-I see and hear a lot of meth addicts talk about crack or heroin like it’s “beneath them” or something… Haha, to that I say “look in the mirror”. All three drugs are bad in their own right. There is also something each drug has that appeals to the addicts who use them. I also hear people say they can’t understand why someone would use crack or heroin over meth… Well, just like we have our reasons to tweak, they have their reasons I’m sure that make them use their drug. There isn’t anything more classy about the glassy……. Hahahahaha!

6)Thou Shall Let Others Talk-
If there is one thing people do that really gets on my nerves… I really hate when someone talks, and talks, and talks, and never stops to let you get a word in. Especially when you can tell that they know you don’t really care, but they keep talking anyway because they don’t care either. Then you finally get a word in, and they don’t listen to you, and get right back to their infinite point. My point is, don’t do that to people when your high, it can be easy to do… Honestly, though, unless they are fascinated by what your saying, this is one of the rudest, most annoying things to deal with. Listening is such a vital, and crucial personality trait that I think more people need to implement.

7) Thou Shall Not Fear the Unknown-
A common effect associated with meth is paranoia. Personally drugs have never made me paranoid… Maybe pot and mushrooms a few times… I understand this isn’t something some people have control over. Sometimes people will fear something like people breaking into their homes for example… Well, look at it this way, there isn’t any point of being afraid of someone breaking into your home until it happens. If someone kicks the door down then its alright to be afraid… But until then, lay back, don’t worry and relax. Also, if you see police, settle down lol, some people freak out… You’re not as crazy as you look, but you will be if you get scared. Cops, or humans generally don’t have a super keen ability to be able to spot someone who’s high, unless you’re right fucked in which case you shouldn’t be in public.

8) Thou Shall Cherish Thyself-Sometimes your addiction can get you down and make you lose self esteem. You might feel you have terrible self control, or that you’re selfish… But just realize how powerful meth is addiction wise. Your life was just under a certain set of circumstances that led you to try meth, where others it hasn’t. Like who you are and realize tough times build character and make you stronger. It’s your life and you don’t have to meet anyone else’s standards or expectations of you. You live for yourself and, if you’re happy with what you do, that’s all that matters.

9) Thou Shall Prepare One’s Self Fruitfully-
Make sure you got a Bic… Nothing worse than running out when you really don’t want to head to a store or you can’t for whatever reason. A candle is good to keep around as backup. No flame is a crucial error, and I, Canadaius Bakkinuss will NOT tolerate this in the afterlife!

10) Thou Shall Not Blame the Chalk-
Usually with meth addiction, there are going to be some things that end up going wrong in your life, that I can guarantee. When something does go wrong because of meth addiction, it’s important to understand that it isn’t the meths fault, ultimately it is your fault.
Meth addiction is a choice. You can quit whenever you want…. But you don’t, because she makes you feel so good.
Meth is so good to us, she treats us well.
After all, she gives us exactly what we’re looking for. The detriments… Well, the detriments you do to yourself.Those are thee commandments my children. The reason they were chosen, was because I myself am guilty of breaking each and every commandment I have listed. I have also learned to abide by them. I know both sides of it, and things are a lot easier following them. Still from time to time I am guilty of breaking a commandment.Also, the birth date they read at the top was misunderstood, I was not born in 1989 BC, I was born in 1989 AD, in BC (British Columbia) so these are not at all ancient scriptures… They’re just some scribbles I maded! 8p shhhhh…. Go now my child, and be one with the tweak!CanadaiusBakkinussRead more: