Skeletons and T-shirts

I know a young woman, my niece, who through very bad parenting, landed on the streets at the age of 14. I was not aware of her suffering and plight, as we weren’t allowed having contact with her or her younger siblings. The three girls were home-schooled, and as a result their mom got to misuse and abuse them as she pleased.
The stories the three of them have told me, made me weep. At one stage their mom decided she was a pastor in the christian faith, however, after being kicked out of one church after the next, because she quarrelled with the ministers during their sermon, she decided she was into withcraft. She then went around, her daughters in tow, laying spells on people. She also had sexual rituals in front of them, apparently. One of her favourite rituals, was murdering young animals. They had a cat and…

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