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Interventions for drug using offenders –
What works in reducing drug use and criminal activity?

It is estimated that between 10% (Gunn 1991) and 39% (Brooke 1996) of prisoners in the UK are dependent on illicit drugs; and that 14.5% of male and 31% of female prisoners have serious mental health problems (Steadman 2009).

Drug use can be associated with many health, social and criminological consequences; and when mental health problems coexist with drug use, treatment and rehabilitation can be particularly challenging.

A recent series of 4 Cochrane reviews aimed to establish ‘what works’ in reducing drug use and criminal activity amongst drug-using offenders. Here I blog about 2 of these reviews; the first of which aimed to establish the effectiveness of pharmacological interventions for drug-using offenders (Perry et al, 2013); and the second the effectiveness of interventions for drug using offenders with co-occurring mental health problems (Perry et al…

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