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The tricky part about being an addict is that it sneaks up on you just as much as you see it coming. Twelve months ago, as I sat in the detoxification center’s waiting room trying to inhibit my incessant fidgeting in the unforgiving chair, I examined how I got here. My opiate addiction started small, with something insignificant enough that on the average day I was likely to not even notice it, only to come up empty handed some time later.

That first time I took a painkiller in the beginning of the summer 2012, I was completely oblivious to the fact that this one measly night of binge watching The Wire and smoking a few blunts, with a Percocet to top it off, would be my instant initiation into a downward spiral that landed me in this bleak and bottomless cavity in the ground, too dark to see and…

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