Just one more hit.Hey I thought you quit.I gave it a try, but I like the meth high.I don’t face reality or try to deal And I never worry where I will get my next meal.I have come to accept this is the life for me.Put me in jail, I don’t like being free.I don’t want to see my family, my kids, or my friends.Is today the day it will finally all end.I was doing so good, I was doing so great.I saw my p.o and I wasn’t late.I went to sleep at night and woke up the next day.I finally got legitimate pay.I had a girl I could sit with and just talk.Until into my mind came a clear little rock.My new family was laid to rest.I got a warrant for my dirty drug test.I moved into a house under surveillance and bugged.To avoid the thought, I stayed constantly drugged.A house full of tweaks is not a fun sight.They are plotting something all day and all night.What made me go back to my old ways.I’m seeing shadow people, I haven’t slept in days.I miss how it was, watching movies and eating.When will I learn to finally stop tweaking.