This is what I wrote on slamming at AMERICAN METHOLOGY”.

The first time I slammed meth…i drop to my my knees…the love affair began..I could not let it go now..I began a new love with meth…it became my god, my sex, my was what i dreamed of in passion. My world..was slamming gave me satisfaction. P E R I O D.
If i bought dope..or was given dope..if i had no rig..i did no dope..period.I would not waste my precious love on lines or pipes.I would wait..hold it closeuntil my connection was what i wanted.ohhhhhh…it lied..i believe…i sunk deep….it ate me alive….fast.i would not leave the house..i would not sleep..i would not love my kids..i love nothing..there was never love for anything except my meth.the balance of it..was not having balance and having to choose what i wanted…i chose life..i choose life..because..i want a life..i am living a life…i believe in life…is consumed by the dark thoughts of meth..always…my life is learning how to grow away from that darkness…and be happy.