The Southern

By Shaun Garrity—

Everyday Stanley says he rolls up his sleeve and injects himself with a liquid form of crystal meth.

The middle-aged Windsorite has been using the illegal drug since 1999 and agreed to do an interview because he wants to warn others about the dangers. The Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth can keep an addict awake for days, with little as $40 worth of product.

Crystal meth began increasing in popularity on Windsor streets two years ago according to police.


WINDSOR, Ont. (01/10/14 – Sgt. Matthew D’Asti explains to the media Oct.14 that crystal meth is apparent and Windsor Police are not taking the narcotic lightly because the dangers that tie to the deadly stimulant.(Photo by Shaun Garrity), Media Convergence

In the 1990s, Stanley owned a car and did well for himself learning a skilled trade working with cement. It is 15 years since he first experimented…

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