Dia Linn sister

I am addicted to alcohol.  I am addicted to drugs.  I am addicted to work.  I am addicted to my family.  I am addicted to Candy Crush.  I am also addicted to the NFL.  I was a cheerleader for an NFL team.  It was love.  I am addicted to Fantasy Football.  I am now realizing I am addicted to The Draft.  The past few days have been crazy….  I watch all NFL draft shows.  I read all stats.  I feel like it is Christmas Eve.  I am a female and I put gron men to shame with my knowledge.  I don’t play fantasy for fun.  I play to win….  I am worse than Cameron Diaz in Any Given Sunday.  I know I won’t sleep tonight with the draft staring tomorrow.  This is the one addiction I am not willing to give up…..  I am crossing my fingers Manziel will go…

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