…you have painted and moved out of you house during the hours of 10pm and 9 am.
…you have no eyebrows left.
…you have washed all your bedding 3x in one week.
…you spend more time in the bathroom than any room in your house.
…you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom at least once with your gun because you swear you heard someone starting to climb up the side of your house on a ladder.
…you enjoy the feeling of your asshole burning.
…everything in your room is labeled, organized and cleaned 10x over.
…you enjoy cleaning other peoples’ houses.
…you own buckets of random broken electronics.
…everything you own is drawn on with sharpie paint pens including your wheel center caps and steering wheel.
…you spend all your time driving looking in the rear view mirror.
…all your clothes are baggy.
..you’ve named you favorite pair of tweezers.