…the police join you for your late evening jog.
..said police are in cars, and you aren’t.
…you can see your reflection in the floor… and you have a carpet.
…you can listen to four songs at once and understand all of the words.
…yooouuuu arrree woonnndddderrrriiinnggg whhyyyy eeeevvveeerrrryooonne issss taaaallkkiiiinngg sooooooo sssslllloooooooowww.
…you have more bug bites on you than bugs in your house.
…three foot spiders are keeping you hostage in the mall bathroom at four AM.
…your calender has weeks, but no days.
…you say good morning to your neighbor at 4:53 PM
…you seriously just woke up around 4:53 PM.
…people don’t remember the color of your eyes.